New Release: Paradise Drive X Redefined Media Collab Tee

We are from a place where beauty is constantly surrounded by us. In this era in which we live in, we are blessed to be able to capture these sights and moments. Here at Paradise Drive, we strongly encourage to showcase such attractions. After all, it’s paradise. With that particular notion in mind, we are excited to announce a special collaboration with our fellow friends at Redefined Media.

With a team of motivated individuals with creative minds and big ambitions, Redefined Media has established themselves as great visual storytellers. Whether it may be music videos, highlight footage, aerial shots, or events, Redefined Media captures the beauty in it all with professionalism and style.

Releasing this weekend will be our Redefined Media x Paradise Drive tees. Both red and black tees will incorporate our Paradise Script across the chest and our Redefined Media collab logo located on the back. These tees will be available online and in-store. Phone orders are accepted.

For more information on Redefined Media visit them at

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